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Waynie, Scotty, J.T. and Robert are physically grown, but mentally challenged, men living with their caregiver, Esther Snyder in Middleburg, VA. Waynie is harnessed with Down Syndrome and is over-gifted with words. He is very outgoing and willing to share his thoughts, even if unrequested.


With an over-dose of energy, Scotty works his way through life. The mental capacity of a four-year-old draws him to be constantly moving, making it difficult for him and others in various venues.


J.T. never speaks. He makes his needs known through various facial expressions and body language. What he is lacking in verbal skills he more than makes up for in his musical ability. 


Though physically strong, Robert's mental capacity places him on the level of a five-year-old. He also possesses the gift of imitation. When he hears a person speak, he can mimic them perfectly. This tends to be entertaining, but can lead to awkward moments when his timing is less than perfect.


Together, with Esther firmly and lovingly leading the way, they face the normal challenges of adulthood, including work, play, and social interactions with each other as well as the community around them.


Most times, life for the men is good. But there are problems brewing that are bigger than what Ms. Esther and the boys can handle. They will have to depend on the hand of God to intervene.

Hidden Treasure

  • Paperback book - 5.5" x 8.5"

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